Let's Get to Work!

Let's Get to Work!


Thank You!

Thank you to the 31,303 voters who have placed their trust in me, and to all those who took the time to participate in this election. The election has now been certified and we received 62.44% of the vote.  I am tremendously honored and humbled to be writing to you as your next State Representative from the 3rd Legislative District. I want to thank my opponent Tim Benn for joining me in running a race that stuck to our differences on policy issues.

Our campaign from its beginning has been supported by committed volunteers who contributed tremendously to our success. Amanda and I want to personally thank our incredible team (family, staff, volunteers, and supporters) who helped knock thousands of doors, made thousands of calls and helped provide the resources we needed to run an intense grassroots campaign. Your devotion made it possible to take our message of job creation, fully funding basic education, improving our quality of life and protecting our social safety net directly to the doorsteps and dinner tables of the 3rd District.

I want to thank those leaders for whom I have worked for. I have learned so much from you through the challenges and successes, whether political or legislative. A special thanks to Tom Keefe, Don Barbieri, former State Senator Chris Marr, U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell and Spokane's number one champion in Olympia, Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown.

I believe we are in sync with what our community wants. Now it is time to go to work. I am excited to get started, there is a lot to get done for Spokane. It's clear this election is just the beginning, and I will continue to need your help as we work to bring our shared vision to fruition. This is, and always has been, about all of us. My heartfelt thanks for what you have done to help us get to this point, and what you will continue to do to help move our community, state and nation forward.