About Marcus


I am Spokane born and bred and I love my hometown.  Second only to my love of this city and my family is my love of Gonzaga University.  I’m a Zag to the core.  I entered school at Gonzaga looking to study business and, like many of my fellow students, hoping to graduate college and makes piles of money.  But, Gonzaga is a Jesuit University and when you attend there you learn a little bit about what it means to live by Jesuit principles.  Care for the whole person.  Take time every day for self-reflection.  Use your unique talents to fight for social justice and the common good.  For me the Jesuit principles were more than a philosophy class on the way to a degree.  For me, they literally formed my adult life.  Somewhere along the way that drive to make piles of money was confused as those crafty Jesuits instilled these core values in me.  Before I knew it, I was thinking less about money and taking more time to reflect on what I, with the unique talents I had, could do to advance the common good and fight for social justice.  I still graduated with that business degree and got a job at a prominent financial management company. But shortly after I began, I wandered into a congressional campaign office on my lunch break to volunteer.  When I received a call offering me a data management job on the campaign paying nearly nothing, I took the job on the spot.  My career in public service began that day and I’ve never looked back.


A product of our public schools system and the nurturing of the Spokane community, I have been lucky enough to take advantage of all of the wonderful things this area has to offer.  My parents worked hard to make sure I had everything I needed to be successful in life, and they knew Spokane was the best place to raise me.  As a father now myself, I want the very best for my son.  I want him to go to first-rate public schools that prepare him for a college education he can afford.  I want to know that he is safe at all times.  I want him to grow up with a strong love and respect for our environment—an environment that I hope will be healthier when he is an adult than it is now.  I want him to grow up with a healthy respect for women, their right to choice, and the absolute belief that women and men must be paid the same and treated equally.  Most importantly, I want him to grow up knowing that he can do anything he sets his mind to.  My love for Spokane and my Jesuit education may be the reason I began my career in public service, but my family is the reason I continue it.


I’m proud of the work I have already done for our community.  I have had the privilege of working with two of Washington state’s greatest leaders—U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell and State Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown.  As Senator Cantwell’s Eastern Washington Director and Senator Brown’s Senior Policy Aide, I developed important relationships across the Spokane region and learned inside and out about federal and state policy issues key to the region and the 3rd Legislative District.  My career thus far has given me the tools I need to continue as an elected official myself.  I want to use these unique skills I had honed for the benefit of our community and to ensure a socially just environment for my family and yours.  From creating dearly needed jobs, to protecting small businesses to ensuring a secure safety net for our most vulnerable, I want to look at our community and its people as a whole and fight for what we all need the most.  Spokane is and always have been my home and it would be my great honor to represent its 3rd Legislative District in Olympia.